Greetings, readers!
It is with great pleasure to announce that next month marks The Shufflers’ 6th Year Anniversary! For this occasion, I will be doing an Illustrated Question and Answer event, much like the ‘Tent of Wonders’ prompt I did with Tumblr long ago.

Here’s how the event works:
Submit a question related to the series (can also be for specific characters to answer) either to my e-mail (bittermause at gmail dot com) or The Shuffler’s twitter DM box.
Throughout June I will post answers in illustrated form on the front page and on tapas!

Couple things to note before submitting:
– No more than two questions per person.
– Make sure you leave an alias for me to credit you under, or if you wish to remain anonymous
– No NSFW questions, please
– If a question happens to tread into spoiler territory, only parts of it will be answered

I look forward to all of your messages, and even moreso to celebrate this 6th year with you all! Until then, have a great rest of your May!
~ Emily