| Age: 34 | Mancy: Cartomancer (poker cards) | Occupation: Traveling Fortune Teller |

Märchen Froh is blessed with the rare ability to predict perfect outcomes for clients, but also graced with a sass and temper that lands him in trouble quite frequently. Despite this, he has an impulsive love for extravagant fashion, enjoys cooking for others, and checking out cute ladies.

| Age: Around early 20’s. Exact age unknown.| Mancy: Portalmancer (Harvester Tribe) | Occupation: Märchen’s assistant |

A stoic young man that is always traveling across the globe. After saving Märchen ‘s life, he became appointed as his part-time assistant and protector.
He enjoys frequent naps, hot foods, and warm places, but has a fear of thunder storms.


Governor Mumpkins
Saphire “Saphy” Dutchkiss