Märchen is a cartomancer, a playing card fortune teller blessed with the ability to provide accurate readings every single time.
Unfortunately, his loud mouth and sassy demeanor often gets him in trouble.

Hiddenite is a mysterious wanderer with a literal world of his own that can only be accessed through his assigned piece of fabric; a curtain cloth.
While very quiet, he has no trouble speaking in a blunt manner.

When Hiddenite rescues Märchen from a brush with death, they form an unlikely friendship that takes them through fantastic adventures in a Neo-Victorian-esque world full of magicians, fortune tellers, and the non-magical folk that rely on them for prosperity.


Emily and Yuki have been close friends and creative collaborators since 2007.
Over ten years they have dabbled in smaller projects together, while providing input for each other’s personal works.
The Shufflers is the second serious result of their creative endeavors.

Emily is a webcomic artist and 2D Animator. She has a fondness for 90’s sketch comedies,
80’s pop culture, vintage anime, and electronic music. She is the head author and artist of The Shufflers.

Yuki is a webcomic artist whose presence is shrouded in mystery. Tea, coffee, fat cats, and the finest health supplements bring them joy.
Yuki is the creative contributor of The Shufflers, providing assistance with world building, character development and streamlining scenarios as needed.