Greetings, readers! After an incredibly long hiatus, I am happy to announce that The Shufflers has returned with all new updates. Since I’ve been working 40+ hours a week and migrating back to the office, I realized that trying to keep a steady line of comic updates had proven to be a struggle. During December of last year, I decided to call for an indefinite hiatus, so that I could spend more time doing art practice, and re-focus on personal matters too.

Like before, I’ll be posting one comic page once a week, and then update the Tapas mirror for every three pages. Now here’s the kicker; I have enough pages for a whole month. While I will continue to work diligently on the remaining updates, it is very possible that I may go under the radar again for another month or two. If I’ve learned anything from these past few months, is that I rather spend extra time in radio silence to make better quality pieces, versus having to pull a rush job in the name of fulfilling a short deadline.
Thank you all for your understanding and patience during this extended wait.
I hope you will enjoy the next installments of the current chapter, and with any luck, I won’t end up having to retreat for another few months.
– Cheers!