Episode 5 End, and brief hiatus
Posted Feb.13.17 at 10:30 am

That wraps it up for the 5th awkward installment of The Shufflers! I'd like to give a special thanks to my readers for taking a moment of their time to comment and interact with others. All of you have left a positive impact on me as a creator, and I hope you will stick around for more stories from The Shufflers verse!

And speaking of more stories, Episode 6 will begin on Thursday, March 2nd. I'll be taking a short break due to overwhelming demand from college and personal affairs. While you wait, feel free to go back and read some of the earlier stories. Episode 7 is going to involve some major connections to the first story, so I highly encourage you to do some backtracking.

If you're interested in getting inside access to early process work for future episodes and exclusive downloads, come swing by my Patreon! There's also Shufflers related goods you can purchase at the official Hivemill store.

Many of my Patrons are also hard at work, producing creative content for others to enjoy. Here's a few you should check out:

Cirque Du Royale - A webcomic series about the daily lives of a royal clown family.  Atomicbrit's series is very cute, funny, with a fun cast of characters!

Pretend Wizards- You like some DnD podcast with a touch of fun and mayhem? Look no further than Pretend Wizards! The cast and crew of this series is sure to charm it's way into your heart.

The Web Comic Wanderer- This is an awesome little hub operated by Cat Comixz Studios that does submission based web comic reviews, discusses their personal favorites, and even talks a bit of their own webcomic in the works!

Thank you all again for your support, and we'll see you in March!