Episode 5 Start! Also
Posted Jul.25.16 at 10:30 am

Hi everyone! Next month is the official start of our new chapter in The Shufflers verse! This is also going to be the first of many future stories that delve into darker territory. This comic will have imagery that may be sensitive to some viewers, so I'll be sure to throw down some warnings ahead of time. 

In Other News; Last Friday I ended up losing my job. It wasn't anything bad, but they decided to cut out the position I was intended for. Still sucks because on top of insurance bills, I have monthly installments I need to pay off for my car. Without that, I can't commute to school and that will lead to bigger issues. Despite looking for my next paying gig, this should not affect the comic's schedule.  If you'd like to help throw some of the burden off of my shoulders during this in-between period, you can help support me and this webcomic by doing the following;

1. Consider supporting my Patreon, which is linked in the upper left menu of this website. For as little as $1 you can get early updates to this comic and my other projects, sketch book development art, wallpapers and more!

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