Regarding Anniversary Week
Posted May.28.18 at 10:30 am
Episode 7 is finally over.
I know this wasn't an easy read, and I'd like to give a major thanks to everyone who managed to stick through this story line. I especially thank those who pointed out some of the continuity errors so I could get those fixed ASAP.

There will be an epilogue story starting on June 11th to help tie some loose ends from the beginning bit of the story. I'll be using the anniversary week to 're-build' so to speak, so I don't feel I have to rush out the new material.

Speaking of that week, I ended up cancelling Open Call for this year. However, I am contemplating on doing a little stream of progress work for the public to come check out. Not sure what date yet, but as soon as I know my day job schedule I'll do a little announcement for you guys.

We'll move forward to Episode 8 after that.

See you then!