Now Accepting Submissions for Open Call! + I graduated!
Posted May.14.18 at 10:30 am
Just a bit of side news here; I have officially graduated CCS with my Bachelors of Animation! Wooooo! Now that I am permanently done with school, I can put more focus on this series, which will hopefully result in more updates in the near future. If you'd like to help solidify twice a week updates, I highly encourage you to support my Patreon! Every little bit goes a long way.   Also don't forget about the little event below! There's only about two weeks left to submit!

Greetings everyone! Once again I will be holding an Open Call event in honor of The Shuffler's anniversary! From April to the first of June, I will be accepting fan works to display on the site during the week of June 4th through the 9th. In exchange I will plug your webcomic/art project for others to check out.
Everyone is Welcome to participate!

All you need to do is follow these guidelines;

1. Submissions should be 72 DPI, JPEG or PNG, and no wider than 800px.

2. Multiple Submissions are okay.

3. Submit files, your preferred name/alias, and project plug to bittermause @ gmail. com. Be sure to have "open call" in the subject line.

4. If you have an active webcomic series, I will gladly do a guest art exchange! If interested, be sure to mention a preference of what character you'd like drawn and reference info. I won't do NSFW material though, sorry!

5.  I will not accept material that includes pornographic, fetish, abusive, and racist material of any kind.

So with that said, if you have any questions, please refer to the e-mail above. Thank you so much, and I look forward to this year's submissions!