Important Message: Brief Hiatus
Posted Oct.16.17 at 10:30 am

Hey everyone,

It's your ol' pal Mause. I normally don't talk about personal life outside of the comic, but I feel this needs to be addressed so you'll have an idea of where I'm coming from currently;

Right now I'm at the crux of my last (second to last?) semester of college, and I am currently working on my Senior animation thesis.  When I'm not on campus, I'm either at my shitty retail joint working Friday and the weekends, updating portfolio samples, looking for a job related to my field, and of course, building up to the next webcomic update.
It's gotten to a point where it's difficult juggling everything, and it's taking a toll on my stress and mental health.
I need to step back and re-prioritize what needs the most attention.

So in short, I'll be going on another hiatus after this week. I'll be back to updating regularly around October 30th. I'm sorry for making such a last minute decision, but thankfully it's only brief.
Thank you all for being such dedicated readers, supporters, commenters, feedbackers, etc. You've all been very kind and patient as I've slowly progressed each episode with the limited time I've had. In a perfect world, I'd quit my job just to dedicate myself to The Shufflers even more.

However, If you are eager for an option to help support me, please consider donating to my Ko-Fi, or join my Patreon for behind the scenes content.

Once again, I am very sorry for putting another short delay on the series, and know that I appreciate every one of you for taking time to read this comic. Love you guys <3

- BM