Open Call + Brief Hiatus
Posted May.22.17 at 10:30 am

Well, it's not the same as having a bunch of big handsome men trapped in a basement but I think this still works! Special thanks to my best pal and creative contributor Yuki for helping me sort out this final page. I hope you all enjoyed it!

The next episode will be much longer, and one of the most important installments of the series. A handful of new characters will be introduced, along with moments that tie directly into Episode 1: The Beginning.  Even if you're not new to this webcomic, I highly encourage you to backtrack and read that story before Episode 7 begins. You may also want to check the Mancy Guides as well.

And speaking of the start date, Episode 7 will start June 1st instead of the 29th.
I've been working on my Animated Junior Film for the last couple weeks, and finishing it by the 24th is top priority. You can check out the production blog for the film if you'd like something to tide you over;

Thank you all again for your amazing support!



Don't forget to check out my post for the Second Open Call Event! Last year was a great turn-out, so let's do it again! If you have any questions regarding the event, feel free to e-mail me!