Name: Märchen Froh
Age: 34
Height: 5'8"
Occupation: Fortune Teller
Special Ability: Cartomancy (Playing Cards)

Märchen is a traveling fortune teller with the gift of perfect accuracy in all of his card readings. Unfortunately his reputation is preceded by his loud mouth, big temper, and massive sassitude. Due to a situation that nearly got him killed by a disgruntled land owner, he's been very paranoid of taking in clients that are in a position of power.
He enjoys sleeping, being fashionable, and the company of cute ladies.

Name: Hiddenite
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'4
Occupation: Harvester, Märchen's assistant
Special Ability: Portalmancy, Flight

Hiddenite is Märchen's personal assistant and bodyguard. He hails from the Harvester tribe, an ancient community of portalmancers so elusive it is considered nothing more than a rumor by many. He is capable of flying with the use of his ornate curtain rod, and the tattered cloak attached grants him access to another world where it is constantly snowing and night fall. He doesn't say much, yet he speaks with simple, blunt honesty. He also has a habit of sleeping in Märchen's bed. 

Name: Governor Mumpkins
Age: Old, possibly 13 in human years
Height: 14 inches
Occupation: House cat
Special Ability: Unknown, can possibly predict weather?

Governor Mumpkins is an elderly smoke persian adopted by Märchen. (Or is it the other way around?) He is the former companion of Felix, the Felidomancer. Whenever he stands on his hind legs and makes a gesture, the weather seems to change immediately. No one knows for sure if he can change the weather at will, or if he is able to predict weather patterns at the very last minute. Mumpkins enjoys sweet scents, arm pit tickles, and undivided attention.

Name: Sapphire "Saphy" Dutchkiss
Age: 22
Height: 4'6"
Occupation: Tea shop owner
Special Ability: Logomancy

Saphy is the owner of the Dutchkiss Tea and Honey shop in downtown Seratina. She's a  cheery young lady with a strong passion for her business, and loves to indulge in romantic stories. She secretly writes exaggerated love stories that involve pairing up civillians she meets in her little shop. After discovering that her stories can directly affect reality, she has sworn to keep the pen down until she can understand her abilities better. It won't stop her from shipping people in her daydreams, though!

Name: Granny Warhammer
Age: 76
Height: 5'0"
Occupation: (Former) Penny Farthing gang leader
Special Ability: Riding people's faces off with her velocipede tricycle

Granny Warhammer is a "retired" leader of a penny farthing gang and grandmother of four. (She used the term "retired" very loosely.) She and her three grandsons make up the Granny and the Golden Boys penny farthing gang. Despite her old age, she still maintains the cunning and fierceness from her early years, and believes that brute force can mend any situation.

Name: Felix
Age: 8-10 years old
Height: 4'3"
Occupation: Being a kid?
Special Ability: Felidomancy

This orphaned little boy is the only human resident of the dry Talskan plains, and can predict weather patterns through his feline companion's gestures. Because of this, the village of Talska revere him and his cat brethren as guardians of the town.
Felix communicates with cat like movements and sounds, yet able to understand human language well enough. Whether or not he is capable of human speech is unknown.